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Waterfall Tour Information

Mae Phu waterfall, Laplae Thailand

What to know?

We are going to climb up the waterfall and on top of the waterfall we are going into the jungle and follow the river/stream. The trip can be challenging if you are not a fit person as climibing up is sometimes difficult and slippery. We may also encounter some dangerous animals like spiders and snakes. Do not worry, the animals are more afraid of us, then we of them.

Please let Peter lead he way all the time and listen about his warning or advice.

Your shoes and clothing  will get wet and dirty

What to wear and take with you?

You should wear the following:
1. Proper shoes 
2. Outdoor clothing
3. Second pair of shoes and clothing
4. Towel
5. Some money (at least 100 THB)

We recommend not taking your phone with you, except if it is waterproofed.

Videos from the waterfall

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