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Parada really would appreciate your support in donating materials or resources for the school. Here is a list of items which we would be glad to receive from you.

Please note that we are not keen on receiving money. Please purchase the items or pay for the service to a service/building contractor.

Ceiling for our classroom

The problem we have is that the birds make our classroom dirty. We could solve this problem if we could install a proper ceiling/roof.

Cost: 50.000 THB (1400 USD)

The classroom will be named after the sponsor. A sign will be placed outside the classroom.


Net separation for our classroom

A cheaper alternative would be to separate the classroom with a net, so the birds can not fly from one classroom to the other and make the classroom dirty.

Cost: 20,000 THB (560 USD)

The 1st picture shows how it would look like with a net and the 2nd picture is how it looks currently.

The classroom will be named after the sponsor. A sign will be placed outside the classroom at the entrance area..

room with and without net.jpg

Chairs for our students and teachers

Unfortunately, we do not have enough chairs for all primary or secondary pupils and teachers.

Cost: between 200 and 450 THB (approx. 5 to 12 USD)

The chair will be marked with the sponsor's name. 


Crayons or coloured pens

Our kindergarten kids are great artists. They like to draw a lot and therefore crayons or coloured pens are always needed.

Cost: 100 THB (approx. 3 USD)


Photocopy Paper

We need photocopy paper to prepare art lessons

Cost: 120 THB (5 USD)


Paint for chairs and desks/tables

We sometimes need to re-paint the wooden chairs and desks are also in need of paint.

cost: 250 THB (8 USD)


Computers and Monitors

Currently up to 6 pupils have to share a computer.

cost: 15.000 THB for PC (Around 420 USD)

A label will be placed on the computer, with the sponsor's name.


Arts and Crafts Paper

Our school likes to teach Art.

Cost: 200 THB (6 USD)

Marble Surface

Paradanusorn School Uttaradit/Thailand

Uttaradit 53000


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