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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Paradanusorn School?

We are in Uttaradit City, Thailand between Chiang Mai and Bangkok, see map  at the end of this page

How can I help?

You could help us in teaching basic English or Chinese (Mandarin) like numbers from 1 to 10 for kindergarten kids or bigger numbers for kindergarten 2 and 3. You are also welcome to teach primary and secondary kids.

How long can I stay?

You can stay as long as you want but we kindly ask you to stay at least for 2 weeks as the introduction period is already 1 or 2 days.

Requirements to volunteer

We do not have any real requirements but you should be able to speak some English or Chinese (Mandarin).

Will I be teaching alone all the students in a classroom?

No, you will not. We will always have a Thai teacher with you in the classroom and you will teach together with other volunteers. We will separate the students into small groups, depending on how many students we have.

Can I call myself a teacher?

I am sorry, but you cannot call yourself a teacher, as you do not have the required qualification and experience.

Will I get a volunteer certificate?

We will issue a volunteer recommendation letter which has a higher value then a volunteer certificate as we are including your tasks and will mention your motivation and learned skills.

How long do I have to volunteer per day?

You only volunteer in the morning from 08:30 until 11:30 from Monday until Friday. In the afternoon you can explore Uttaradit/City.

Do you have any special adventure activities?

We are able to offer tours to the Waterfall, Jungle Trips, Caving tours and swimming in a river. Besides this, we have many sports clubs here in Uttaradit.

How can I contact you?

Either use the "Contact us" menu option or send us an email to
You can also contact us via whatsapp +66 86 814 5929 or  via Wechat.

Do you use Facebook?

Yes, we use Facebook and we have uploaded many pictures and videos about the volunteer projects. Please visit the "Volunteer Thailand" Facebook page.

Do you use Instagram?

Yes, we do but due to the limited functions on Instagram, there are not many postings. Search for "volunteerparada" on Instagram.

Do you use Weibo (Chinese Facebook)?

Yes, we are active on Weibo. Please search for "Paradanusorn"

I do not have a teacher qualification

For volunteering, a teacher qualification is not needed but you are able to obtain an International English Teachers Qualification (TEFL/TESOL) during your stay with us. The Paradanusorn School is part of the International Teachers Association and the TEFL FOR ME teacher institution and they offer an International English Teacher course, online and on-site.
Make your dream come true and travel around the world, teaching English.

How do I get to my apartment when I arrive?

We will pick you up from the Sila At train station in Uttaradit and drive you to your apartment.

Can I make a donation to support the school?

The school always welcomes any donation and you can decide for what it should be used.
Please visit our donation website.


What age group will I be teaching?

You will be mainly teaching Kindergarten kids from 3 to 5 years and sometimes primary kids from 6 to 11 and secondary kids from 11 to 15.

What does a typical day look like for a volunteer at your school?

You come to school at 08:15 and we start having a meeting about today's lesson and have a cup of coffee or tea. At 08:45 we go to kindergarten 1 (3 years old) and play with the kids. At 09:00 we go to kindergarten 2 and teach basic English and Chinese like numbers, colours, family and the English alphabet. At 09:30 we go to kindergarten 3 and teach basic English and Chinese and teach numbers, colours, family, occupation and basic English conversation until 10:00 o'clock. On Mondays, Tuesday and Fridays, we teach primary kids English and Chinese from 10:30 until 11:30. After this we have lunch and in the afternoon we sometimes have some activities e.g. driving to nice places or you can relax at home. In the evening we usually have dinner together with all the other volunteers. On weekends, some volunteers travel to Chiang Mai, Bangkok or Sukothai.
Please note that changes may occur.



The apartments are either double or twin bedrooms, ensuite with a balcony. You may have to share a room (same gender). The apartment is only 670 meters from the school (walkable distance). We also offer private apartments (for you only).

What will I teach?

You will be teaching basic English like numbers from 1 to 1000, colours, animals, the alphabet, basic maths, time etc.
Lesson plans and materials will be provided plus we have a teacher/volunteer briefing before the class starts.

I do not speak Thai.

Good, because we want you to teach English. The kids will understand basic English and we encourage you to speak English to them and not Thai. They need to learn English and get used to English sounds (sounds are different in English compared to Thai)

Do you have a kitchen in or at the apartment?

Cooking facilities are not available because eating out is so cheap.

Do you have a washing machine or laundry service at the apartment?

We do not have a washing machine or laundry service at the apartment but they are available close by, approx. 300 meters from the apartment.

What volunteers should pack? 

Here are some items you should pack or not.

Items you should pack:
1. Sun protection cream is expensive in Thailand and therefore you should buy it in your country.
2. You should buy an eSIM card as this is cheaper than buying it in Thailand.
3. You need sunglasses and a cap (headware) as the sun is always shining.
4. You need shoes for outdoor activities (trainers are acceptable). Your shoes will get wet and dirty, during our trips.
5. We have a dress code at our school. Please read our volunteer presentation.

Items you should not pack.
1. Do not buy mosquito repellents in your country as it may not be working in Thailand. Buy it in Thailand and it is very cheap.


I have a question, not mentioned on this FAQ webpage?

Please contact us via email, We want to make sure you are happy to come to us and that your questions are answered.

What to wear in Thailand

How and what we teach at the Parada School

How to get to Uttaradit via train.

Your destination is called "Sila At" train station in Uttardit and not Uttaradit train station as we have 2 train stations in Uttaradit. Please watch the video below. as it explains on how to get to us.

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