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Free Teacher Training

Acquire complimentary teacher training and earn your TEFL and TESOL certifications.

The educational institution, Paradanusorn School, in collaboration with the
International Teachers Association, presents a tuition-free teacher training initiative
inclusive of a complimentary TESOL and TEFL certification.


This program encompasses:
• Hands-on teacher training within an authentic classroom setting with actual students
• TEFL and TESOL certification
• Thai culture course
• Overview of the Thai Education System

Participants are required to reside at Paradanusorn School for a minimum duration of 4
(four) weeks.

Additional services available for an additional fee:
• Excursions to waterfalls, jungles, and caves
• Guided tours within the city
• Night outs
• Internet access at the school
• Provision of drinking water, coffee, and tea on-site
• Rental services for motorbikes and bicycles

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