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Motorbikes are available for our Volunteers and can be used to get to the school or to travel around and explore the beauty of Uttaradit.


We will ask for a small service charge of


200 THB for one or two days (around 5 Euro or 5.50 USD) 

150 THB a day for at least 3 days (around 4 Euro or 4 USD)


130 THB a day for at least 10 days (around 3.3 Euro or 3.50 USD)

100 THB per day for at least 30 days. (around 2.5 Euro or 2.70 USD)

to keep the motorbike in a good condition and insured properly.


We kindly ask you to take good care of the motorbike as they are valuable and essential for us.


We currently have 3 motorbikes


We are also able to offer a bicycle for only 0,60 Euro a day.

IMG_20160807_131558 (Medium).jpg
picture 1.JPG
Yellow Bicycle New (4).jpg
Red tricycle (3).jpg
Blue Mountain newbike (6).jpg
IMG_20161030_151244 (Large).jpg
IMG_20161030_151544 (Large).jpg
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